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For NS Gateway 2FA - must you have LDAP AND RADIUS?

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The articles below indicate adding LDAP AND RADIUS servers to the Citrix Netscaler in order to enable 2FA. Can someone explain 

why it won't work with just a pointer to a RADIUS server as MS RADIUS is integrated with Active Directory - I don't understand

why a separate LDAP configuration is also required for 2FA to work. Thanks for any insight.





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If your radius server handles ldap auth as well, then you can do 2Fa with just a radius connection.  I use this often with Duo AuthProxy.


You can also use SAML to providers with multi factors that is a single connection.


The primary and secondary auth work as the MS radius connects to AD to link your username with the token code.

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You are definitely right. RADIUS is not needed. You could do LDAP twice, even to the same domain. However, the point of "FA is, to have different passwords for both factors, so it's recommended, to use different targets.

The easiest way to do 2FA is using something like DUO or Okta. In case, you would just send the LDAP password to the radius server, the radius server does domain logon and sends a challenge to the user's phone. The user has to reply to the challenge. If the user does, the user is logged on. If the user dies not, logon fails.


Greetings from Austria


Johannes Norz


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