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Checking NVMe PCIe SSD wear rate on Xen 7.6

Adam Lister


Hi all, 


I have a dual-socket X86 server, running Xen 7.6. This host has 2x Intel P4800X Optane SSDs feeding NVMe storage to my VMs.


But, I'm unable to use SMARTCTL to pull any SMART data from them. Has anyone used any tools successfully to monitor PCIe NVMe devices, in terms of wear rates? 


The host's BMC, in this case Fujitsu IRMC S5, reports them as non SMART capable, but I can't seem to find an answer on Intel as to why this may be. Intel offer the "Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool" but I'm unsure as to the suitability or compatibility with 7.6. It also requires the host to be powered down, and the tool run as a boot device. The drives themselves work flawlessly, I'd just like to keep an eye on endurance limitations. 



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Thanks Tobias, I actually found the answer after I installed the ServerView RAID manager, the CLI from within the hosts shell doesn't report the wear rate. But, luckily, the web portal does after stumbling on to it. Not only does it report the drives connected to the Fujitsu RAID controller, but also the NVMe drives connected via PCIe, so that's nice. 




It's an old legacy java applet running on a port in the 3000 range, but email/snmp alerts can be set from there.


So, if someone lands here from the land of google, there we go. 


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8 hours ago, Alan Lantz said:

I love Fujitsu hardware, unfortunately my Boss is a big believer in CISCO, so CISCO UCS we have evolved too.





Big Fujitsu advocate over here too, not just for the tech, but the people too. 


8 hours ago, Alan Lantz said:

Off Topic, but here is my BX900 Blade Server chassis. Uptime, over ten years..... 






Not surprising in the slightest! I'm just retiring an RX200 S7 and DX200F, both sat in the corner and shut up for many years!

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