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Find out whats restricting USB from redirect

Jesper Lundgren




Im having struggle with redirecting USB devices into Citrix Dekstop. I have looked in to all guides found with the issue "policy restricted" and changed the gpo locally and on the VDA, also created a policy in studio enabling USB redirection and allowed in the USB redirect rule.


Nothing helps so now is my question, is there any way to find out whats restricting the USB headset to redirect?

All I can see in the reciever is "Optimized, Policy restricted". Is there any log avaliable that i can se where its stops?


Im using the latest version of Workspace on our citrix envoirment are up to date.


Some of the topics i followed are: 





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14 minutes ago, Jesper Lundgren said:

And the headset is connected to a Jabra EVOLVE Link UC in order to get the call buttons.

try it only once with the headset then you know whether your redirect works


I'm not sure, but could it be that the Jabra Evolve 40 Link UC is not supported?Can't find it here https://citrixready.citrix.com/category-results.html?search=Jabra

...try it without

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