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CEM MAM LB Connectivity Issue

Santiago Restrepo

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I'm trying to integrate an ADC with CEM and I'm having issues getting the MAM LB to show as Up. The TCP monitor says there's an issue with IP resolution. Packet trace shows the connection is being reset when the SNIP tries to contact the cloud URL. If I disable " Use SNIP", the service comes up and I can see a successful connection originating from the NSIP. Has anyone encountered this issue? I have a VPX on Azure with a single NIC/Multiple IP config. Outbound ports are open and I'm able to ping the cloud service FQDN from the SNIP.


Thanks in advance.

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Seems like you have a routing issue? What means IP resolution? This is a term I have never heard before. Did you mean name resolution?


I would create a nstrace. See, what happens during health check. Do you see ARP packets? Do you see a TCP SYN packet? To which MAC address gets it sent?


Greetings from Austria


Johannes Norz




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