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Citrix Profile Management - Is this normal or we need to do some cleanup?


I was monitoring one of our VDAS using Microsoft ProcMon and I noticed that UserProfileManager.exe wrote a considerable amount of data to some files that I wanted you guys assistance to understand. For example, this is the data collected for 1 single user:




When he disconnected, this was copied to his persistent profile:




A similar behavior happened for all the users that logged in during my monitoring. We're using Citrix XenApp 7.2x if I am not mistaken. Are all these files needed? Also, why they're so big? I compared with the NTUSER.DAT I have on my company laptop + personal PC and they're <10MB each.


I'm wondering if there's anything we can do to reduce the size of our user's profiles? I am not from our internal Citrix group but I am trying to help them to better manage our users' profiles.





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2 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

I've seen large ntuser.dat files caused by printer settings remaining in the user's profile.


Load one of the ntuser.dat hives. Then export the entire hive to a .reg file. You can open the .reg file in Notepad and keep scrolling down until you see the key with the most values.


Perfect, Carl! I will take a look at one of these files here. Also, are these files needed? In my computer for example I have only NTUSER.DAT, but in these profiles I am seeing many other files. Can you explain what's the purpose of each one of them?





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