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Netscaler service non-preempt

James Torella

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I have a Netscaler ADC on 14020 running 12.1 57.18nc.  I would like to create a service monitor that when the service fails it will bring the service down and keep it down even after the monitor passes the check until we intervene and bring the service up manually.  Is this possible.  Thanks for your help, Jim

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I don't think the monitor does this (but I don't have the interface in front of me). So for active/active load balancing this would be hard to accomplish without a custom monitor or some other mechanism.


But at the lb vserver level (for active/passive load balancing), you can achieve a similar result:

If you have an active/passive lb vserver, lb_vsrv_primary (svc_primary) and lb_vsrv_backup (svc_backup),  then make lb_vsrv_backup the "backup vserver" for lb_vsrv_primary.

Then you can set the value on the lb_vsrv_backup "disable primary when down", which will disable lb_vsrv_primary when the primary spillsover to the backup vserver.

This setting then requires you to manually re-enable the lb_vsrv_primary and it won't resume traffic just because the service recovers.


This could also be used with CS and LB with the priority load balancing feature, where you can failover in tiers. (There's a graphic in the GUI that makes this easy to understand when you click on priority load balancing).



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Downside of this solution is, you end up with a single point of failure. But I have no better solution than this, probably a bit less elegant (my approach would have been different, but with the same result).


I would also have a solution that works differently, but it's way harder to do. It would be based on content switching as well, however, content switching would be based on a variable. If a service, bound to a lb-vServer is going down, it would change the variable, so it's failing over to the other one, lb-vServer and vice versa. That way, you would not end up with single point of failure, but I guess, you can't set this up within an hour or so, especially, if you never worked with NetScaler variables before. They are not that easy to understand :'(


Greetings from Austria


Johannes Norz




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54 minutes ago, Rhonda Rowland1709152125 said:

You can cascade multiples to avoid a single point of failure...or have tiers in priority load balancing. But without a custom monitor the cascade lb vservers is the most direct way to do this.

Ronda, my solution had been surprisingly simple. Give it a try. It will take you 120 minutes to set up :)

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