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Secure SSH Authentication with NetScaler (public-private key pair)

Anthony OReilly

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I have a requirement to setup SSH authentication from a Windows server to our Netscaler appliances.


I have following a number of web-links to get this SSH authentication working.


I found this link to be very detailed https://www.citrixguru.com/2016/01/18/lab-part-21-secure-ssh-authentication-with-netscaler-public-private-key-pair/ and well as this link https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX109011


Regardless of whatever link I use, I get the same result; "Server refused our key". Is there a way of getting further details of why the appliance refused the key? There is nothing in the authentication logs on the appliance.


I change the chmod on the authorized_keys file from 644 to 755 and I get the same result.


This appliance is not part of a cluster(pair), it is on it own. This is a NS13.0 36.27.nc release.


Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Johannes,


Thanks for your quick response, your steps are very clear.


I am getting the same response unfortunately.


I copied the private file to another ADC successfully and tried to SSH from there to my SSH access keys Netscaler, it prompted me for a password. See pic with blue scribbles.


I copied the private file to my windows machine, imported it using Puttygen64 and saved the private key using RSA 2048. From my windows machine, I tried to puttey in and I got the response that my key has been refused.


As this has been my 10 attempt, I deleted everyting in /nsconfig/ssh/ and /root/.ssh/ I had to create the authorized_keys with the touch command (touch /nsconfig/ssh/authorized_keys) It has the same access right on the file in your example.


Any ideas?





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