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What is the best practices way of setting up Office365 as virtual apps?

Kelly Weiler


We currently have our Citrix infrastructure, license server, SQL server, storefront servers, Deliver Controllers, Provisioning servers, all running on Windows Server 2012R2 servers and we are using Citrix 7.15CU5 in our environment and for VDAs.  Our PVS created and managed virtual app servers are Windows server 2012R2 servers and hosting Office 2016 virtual apps.  What is the best practices setup for us to be able to host Office365 virtual apps, including Teams and OneDrive on Demand?  We are finding it difficult to find setup and support documentation on this.  Do the host servers need to be a certain version, Windows 2012R2, 2016, 2019, to be able to host and provide these Office365 apps as virtual apps to users?  Do the host servers need to be certain specs, number of CPU, ram, hard drive?  Do we need to be running a certain version of Citrix?  We are currently running 7.15CU5, do we need to be running 1912CU2, or something else?  We prefer to stick with the LTSR versions if possible.  How do you handle user profiles for Office 365 apps, especially Teams and OneDrive on Demand?  Does anyone have any insight on this?  We have been unable to find any decent documentation on how to do this or the best way to do this.  Thanks to everyone!

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