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One VDA in farm suddenly won't accept connections through Netscaler


Hi Everybody,

I have a weird situation where one VDA in 9 suddenly won't accept connections when they're coming from the Netscaler. If the desktop is launched from inside the network (directly from storefront) it works flawlessly. The connection attempt, when made externally, simply times out when done from web, when done directly in workspace it comes with the error "The connection to "" failed with status (unknown error 1110)."
There are no apparent errors in the eventlog on the VDA, it is as if it never gets the connection request.
On the Delivery Controller I get the following in the eventlog:
The Citrix Broker Service failed to contact cirtual machine 'MACHIEN NAME' (IP address
"Exception 'Client is unable to finish the security negotiation within the configured timeout (00:00:05). The current negotiation leg is 1 (00:00:05).

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