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Citrix Workspace - Report Bug - Win10 on VMware

Justin Coombs


I do not know how to gather all the details about the Citrix server I'm connecting to.


System: Windows 10 VM on a VMware 16.1 Workstation Pro.  4 cores, 16gb RAM

Citrix Workspace


Citrix is repeatedly going "Unresponsive" while the larger of the two Citrix processes is only using 8% CPU and less than 1.3 gigs of ram.

I am using Citrix to RDP into a clients server.  (I go to their app page and click the RDP icon/link.

The VM is 32% CPU used, with 48% of it's memory used.

The VM Host is 20% CPU used, with 40% of it's RAM used.

The issue occurs when 3D Acceleration is enabled on the VM, and doesn't when it is not.

Other programs running on the VM are not suffering, just Cirtix.

It has occurred since I first start using Citrix for this purpose back in January.  I update Windows, VMware, and Citrix regularly (So many combinations of versions of all main software involved)

I can reproduce this 100% of the time.


I'm not looking for a solution, I'm offering to help investigate.


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