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Migrate Xenapp to New Server - Best Method

Ken Krause


I have a XenApp 7.6 installation running on one server including the License Server, Directory, Studio and StoreFront and the database is running on a separate SQL server. The 7.6 installation is running on a VMware VM using Windows 2008 server and I need to move it to a new Windows 2012R2 VM. I plan on using XenApp 7.15 on the new server. I've never trusted Windows Upgrades due to past bad experiences, so the plan was to build an entirely new Xenapp environment on the new server, duplicate the applications and then point everyone's Citrix Receiver to the new site/Storefront.


My question is, is this the best method? Would it be easier to create a Xenapp farm and then remove the 2008 server once the new server is running? Or am I being too critical of Windows upgrades and the better method would be to simply upgrade the server OS?



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I would add a extra delivery controller (windows 2012R2) with all the features (License, Director, Studio, StoreFront) to your current farm. Then make sure everyone is connecting to the new Delivery controller and the your XenApp servers can also connect to the new server.

Remove the old (windows 2008) server from the farm.

Upgrade everything to 7.15.

Upgrade the XenApp to 7.15.


When following these steps you don't need to recreate all apps and assign them and users aren't aware of the new Deliver Controller until you upgrade it and they see a new layout.





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