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Gemalto IDBridge CT40 smartcard reader on Citrix 1912 CU1 LTSR



We are facing a rather strange problem.

The mentioned smartcard reader works without problems on PC / laptop, but not in a virtual environment.
When we try to access through a browser (IE, Chrome) we get the message: "Identification cannot be performed, you have not selected a valid certificate"

We checked the policy for USB redirection on the part of Citrix, all services on the VDA side are ok (smartcard and propagation services), drivers are installed on the client side and on the VDA side.

How to troubleshoot at all?

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Can you confirm the following points as processed:


  • Installed SC driver
  • Install middleware (SmartCard Reader Software)
  • Create Citrix policies and allow redirection of USB devices
  • Windows Smart Card Service must be activated
  • Adjust the registry on the Windows client.
  • PKI is Correct and appropriately configured
  • Add SF Maschine Account Windows Authorization Access Group

The card reader driver must be installed both on the Windows client (end user device with the installed Receiver for Windows) and on the XenDesktop. Can you provide us logs from the storefront?


Take a look here https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX219920 and https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/downloads/smart-card-configuration-for-citrix-environments.pdf




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