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Snapshot size problem

Emanuele Tonelli


We have 4 physical hosts with Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 connected through HBA to a GFS2 storage (10 TB).

The VM use 7,3 TB of disk storage.

About 6 months ago we activated the VM snapshot schedule to create 1 snapshot per day, keeping the last 3 (and verified after 3 days they used 0.6 TB, for a total of 7.9 TB of disk usage).

Some days ago, the storage usage started to go up until all the 10 TB were used up!

We had to restore the SQL db on the storage to recover the VDI and found the storage usage was 8.9 TB.

After deleting the snapshots (3 x VM), we freed 1.6 TB of space... a lot more than the starting one!

Anyway we had another 1.1 TB to go from 8.9 TB to 10 TB...

So any idea of what has happened?

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Also, if you are using GFS2 then you are strongly recommended to upgrade to Citrix Hypervisor 8.2. The system kernel driver for GFS2 in 8.2 has a number of important improvements for performance and stability of the system. (Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 goes out of support on December 17th 2020 anyway so you're advised to upgrade anyway).

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I had already planned the upgrade to 8.2... for the day after the disaster hit us!

Anyway the strangest things is that the from logs "native" of storage we never used more than 8.9 TB of space... (and this is the same space we saw used after restoring the SQL db) so I still don't uderstand why the hypervisor saw 10 TB used out of 10 TB...

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