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Moving working VM between NFS storage causes boot to UEFI Interactive shell

David Ross1709151782


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1 hour ago, Alan Lantz said:

Thats odd. I'm not running 8.x so maybe some sort of bug there. Did the copy seem to take place okay ? Wondering 

if it failed to complete or got corrupted in the process. 




Thanks for your response Alan. So a bit more background.... The machine was created using MCS in the citrix cloud. 


This VM I've moved to the new storage just will not boot. Putting it back to the original storage it was moved from makes no difference the damage is done it won't boot there either.


The template I used to create this vm via MCS will happily swap between the two SRs and boot no problem.


Is there perhaps some UUID info/machine catalog info that is unique to the MCS created VM?


The new storage has been added to the hosting connection.


I stumbled across this in the last hour.






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