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Running Windows 10 desktops in AWS in their own Zone

Jeremy Redmond1709162473


I have a customer with a fully built out Citrix LTSR 1912 environment in a datacenter. They have a fast connection into AWS. They want to deploy a small POC of Windows 10 desktops in AWS as a Zone through existing infrastructure. I understand this is a little unusual but this is what they would like to test. They won't be using Citrix Cloud. AWS does not have any Windows 10 AMIs and they don't want to run Windows Server with the desktop experience. Would it be supported to follow these steps to import in a Windows 10 image and use that up there as per this article? https://gist.github.com/peterforgacs/abebc777fcd6f4b67c07b2283cd31777 

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2 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Microsoft has licensing requirements for running Windows 10 in clouds other than Azure so you'll want to ask your Microsoft licensing rep for those limitations.


Thanks Carl I will verify that piece. However if I was able to get around that part would Citrix support that scenario? Also just in general does everyone who runs Citrix in AWS use Windows Server with Desktop Experience and not use Windows 10?


PS. I've been using your articles for years, thanks for all your do for the community.

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