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Running System backup on HA nodes on only the local node ?

Torben Aagaard

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Hi Guys,


Trying to figure out the best way to do a full backup of Netscaler MPX/VPX.
So far, I have created a multithreaded python script that runs the 'systembackup' on 450 nodes, downloads the backup file using scp, and then removes the file from the ADC.


*) Run "create system backup <filename>."

*) Fetch <filename> using scp

*) run "rm system backup <filename>


The problem is with HA pairs ( Primary/Secondary )

When I run the "create systembackup ...." command on the primary, both HA nodes generates the backup.


The command is propagated to the secondary node : 


default UI CMD_EXECUTED 1740706 0 :  User propagate - Remote_ip x.x.x.x - Command "create system backup Backup-xxx-2020-11-29T11-15-13 -level full" - Status "Success"


That introduces a few problems : 


1) If the backup is running on both the primary and the secondary node at the same time, the backup on the secondary fails with something like "Backup is already running..."

2)The command "rm system backup ..." is NOT propagated to the secondary node. That leaves quite a lot of backup files on the secondary node.


I really prefer the "built-in" backup method, since this is a supported method and should be easy to restore ( I hope ).


So - how can I avoid the HA mess ?

I have SSH access, so perhaps running either 'ns_system_backup.pl' og 'nsbackup' directly from the shell ? 


BR Torben


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