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Monitoring ICA RTT

Daniel Dunn1709158952


Hi, we've noticed that when users work from home and they have a good connection the ICA RTT is around 20-25ms and pretty stready.


For clients used in the office I would notice that this would be 1-2ms.


Although recently I have noticed that connections in the office have a speed of 1-2ms, then it can jump up to 50ms for a few seconds to a minute.


We aren't sure why this happens just when people connect in the office.


Is there anyway I can monitor the ICA RTT connections more easily. For example capture it in a chart format over a period of time? or do something similar to the ping command?





Some things I've noticed:


- if I constantly ping the delivery controller from the device it is always 1ms, even when the ICA RTT jumps up

- it happens on different types of clients in the office

- I've found the same with clients in the office running CWA 2006 and CWA 2009 (not tried others yet)

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