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Mouse Cursor Disappears (or Stops Responding) in Citrix Session; Locally Mouse is Fine

Julius Perkins


One of our Mac users has been plagued by an issue where their mouse cursor disappears or the mouse simply stops working in their Citrix session.  Sometimes significant mouse movement (e.g.: swirling  the mouse or swirling on the track pad) will recall the mouse within the Citrix session, but most of the time they have to restart the Citrix session.  For what its worth, the mouse on the host Mac is perfectly fine when this anomaly occurs.


If I recall correctly, I feel that I've seen something similar for Windows clients that was caused by display scaling settings and switching the scaling (e.g.: from 100% to 125%; from 125% to 100%; etc.) solved the issue.


Has anyone ever seen this?

Any thoughts?


Many thanks!

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I have the same annoying phenomenon. Allthough it appeared irregularly in the past year, it got worse since i updated from MacOS 11 Big Sur to MacOS 12 Monterey. Could it perhaps be caused by a coincidental key combination?


It would be nice if this can be avoided.



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