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Install Workspace with netscaler Gateway with command line for client on internet.





I have one store configured on my storefront server with internal and external access throught netscaler Gateway. 

I try to make a package installer for computer that are not in our domain for personal user access from external.


Intenal and external url store : https://store.domainname.com/Citrix/nomade this url is not accessible from external/internet

Citrix gateway : https://gateway.domainname.com/ this url is accessible from external/internet.


for hours now, i am trying to get a command line that was ok but it does not working. I must write a CR config file to see my workspace client working.


So how to write this working cr configuration in a command line installer ?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Services version="1.0" xmlns="http://www.citrix.com/ServiceRecord"><Service type="store"><SRID>3832541513</SRID><Name>Nomadisme</Name><Address>https://store.domainename.com/Citrix/Nomade/discovery</Address><Gateways>

<Gateway Name="MPX1" Default="true" Edition="Enterprise" Auth="Domain" RewriteMode="NONE"><Location>https://gateway.domainename.com/


Or this when i double click on cr file

    Store's description :   Nomade
    Store's url :        https://store.domainname.com/Citrix/nomade
    Access Gateway
     Default gateway :     https://gateway.domainname.com/ 
     Other :      


Thx for Help



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Ok i try, but that doesn't work. I find why with the tool receiverdiag.exe and CDFCControl for analyse these ETL's log files.

My workspace can't download provisionning cr file from the url discovery. 

Application want to download from this url : http://nomade.domainname.com/Citrix/Store/discovery. When i try in a browser, i can download after login/password a cr file that is not good. Gateway is not present.

So the good url must be : http://nomade.domainname.com/Citrix/Nomade/discovery.  I download it too and this time, i have the gateway in cr file. same my storefront external when i export provisionning file.

How to replace this first bad url with the second ? 

In netscaler, my policies for receiver in published applications tab, has this web interface address  : https://store.domainename.com/Citrix/Nomade

So maybe in storefront 

ok i change the store by default : store was Store, i replace by Nomade. My workspace always want to go on http://nomade.domainname.com/Citrix/Store/discovery.

Reboot two storefront.

I test - no better :-(
Alway the bad url in the ETL log.



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Today, I configure MPX1, the Gateway for the store named Store in order to test.

i use install command line and i can see his presence in the registry in HKCU/Software/Citrix/Receiver/SR/Store/1580778191/Gateways/MPX1


But no icons on the desktop after login.


The only think is working is to quit Workspace and re-launch it with double clicking on the discovery.cr file ...


New test after that, I delete the published icons

If i quit Workspace and relaunch it, ask me for user and password, session open, but no icons ...


I don't understand why ... 




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