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Convert nstrace.cap file to .pcap

Krister Dahlstrand

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You set the trace format when you capture the trace.   I don't think you can convert it after the fact.


Wireshark may be able to view the cap (nstrace format) but may not be able to interpret all header info.  

otherwise, you will need to redo the trace and specify pcap (nstcpdump) format while capturing the trace in either the GUI, start nstrace, or nstcpdump.sh commands.



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OK, I don't know if this command works or not, but there is a reference in this thread:  https://osqa-ask.wireshark.org/questions/30000/netscaler-to-pcap

To this command:  


nsapimgr -s tcpdump=1 -K nstrace1.cap -k output.pcap


Where -K (big) <input file name, include path if not in the correct directory>

-k (little) is output file name




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