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Forward proxy for SSH/SFTP

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I’m looking to set up ADC 13 as a forward proxy, I’ve got it working with http/https traffic, but not with ssh/sftp which is a customer requirement. 

It seems that the ADC don’t understand that it’s ssl traffic, so it’s tunneled/forwarded as http instead of tcp which causes the host to deny the connection.


Any ideas on how to get this working? 

Edit: I did a packet trace and it's not the host that denies the connection, it's the ADC. The client sends a SSHv2 message and the ADC replies with a RST instead of sending the packet to the SSH host. This seems to be by design so apparently the SSL Forward Proxy isn't compatible with protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS.

What's interesting is that the Cache Redirection feature can handle and proxy SSH, unfortunately I haven't found a way to add authentication to a Cache Redirection VS. 

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