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Citrix HA Service Warning - License Server (Grace Period)

Andrea Maldotti


Dear all,


I've been encountering an issue with Citrix VAD 7 2009.


Recently, I did upgrade the deployment from XenServer 7.18 to the latest Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop 7 2009.


The upgrade itself did not show any kind of errors and it's currenlty working very good; therefore, I assume the operation has been carried out successfully.


I've just noticed this Error on Windows Events Logs (ID event 1169 - Citrix HA Service):


"This controller has entered the out-of-box grace period as no suitable licenses were found on the license server 'myserver'. 
You have 695 hour(s) remaining before this controller stops providing desktop and application sessions."


I checked the License Manager Status, Director Logs and Studio Licensing Tab, and nothing came out. No errors, no warnings corcenings the License Server, as shown here below:







Here is the CSS date info:



We do have the proper license product edition and the sufficient number of licences as well.


May this be related to the upgrade?


How do i remove or solve this grace periodo warning?


Many Thanks


Kind Regards



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Hi Iuan,


thanks for your reply.


Unfortunately i did find only the Citrix HA logs on the event logs.


The license service does not show any errors; actually, it seems it is working fine. 




We are using the same server for License, Director, Delivery Controller, Databases etc.. (except for the VDA, which is installed on a specific termina lserver)




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Hi all,


I have the same issue since upgrade the 16 november.

It's strange because at start the broker service do a 1198 event saying it's consuming succesfully licences from the license server. Immediately after the 1169 event from HighAvailability service saying no license were found and XX hours remaining for the grace period.


Case opened, we reinstall with the support the server en the licenses but issue persists.


All good in studio, in license Administration console, etc...


Exacltly same issue, seems to be a bug but very disturbing : did the app and desktop delivery will stop at the end of the grace period??



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Hi all,


thanks for your replies.


I've just checked my Citrix Deployment....same Citrix HA Warnings (1169)


I perused the following doc, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226455, and I subsequently checked our Citrix Server and its Events logs and I found these:




hence, the problem is being solved immediatly by Citrix itself.


However, it seems a bug. Check this thread:








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Hi @Vidar Melby1709162466


I opened a case on Citrix Support page and they sent me their Default.zip fix, followed by all the guidelines.


Here below what I have been told to do:


1.            Copy the Default.zip(You may need to unblock the Default.zip) in the share link file to “C:\Program Files\Citrix\Broker\Service\ImportScripts\” folder. 
2.            Recreate LHC database. https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX228758
3.            Restart High Availability Service and Config Sync services


After this, my Citrix HA and Broker Warnings disappeared.


I think you ought to open a case as well. 


It seems the only way to fix it right now

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