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Installation of XenServer 6.2 on a HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10 hardware fails.

Shakeel Ahamed1709162372


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Hi Tobias/Alan,


On Xen server 7.5 (Server hardware HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10),we configured 3 VMs Win 2012 R2. This server has 4 NICs connected as below.

NIC0-  Management, NIC1-  Storage, NIC2- Private DMZ, NIC3- Public DMZ.


We connected NIC3(Pub DMZ) to router interface directly that we can configure public IP (tried with switch in between no luck), we can able to configure public IP in VM but can can't reach the gateway that is router IP.

Below are details how IPs are configured

Router : XX.XX.XX.129/28 (No dhcp on router we want configure manual IPs on  VMs).

VM configured with IP :- XX.XX.XX.130/28

Gateway : XX.XX.XX.129 (Router IP).

Note: For testing connected laptop to router interface directly and configured IP as XX.XX.XX.132/28 able to reach gateway (router IP- XX.XX.XX.129)


Attached the image which show the network details. Please help us what would we issue is something being missed.


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From the XenServer CLI can you reach the GW ? Since all of the IP information looks good to me I would 

suspect the switchport is on the wrong VLAN for the Public DMZ or some such misconfiguration at the

Firewall. Take the laptop and plug it into the switchport XenServer is using for the Nic3 and see if you 

can get connectivity to eliminate misconfiguration back through your network. 





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I don't remember the details, may have asked. Is the VM using the management interface for its traffic or is it being 

sent through another interface? Since you can ping from the host it sounds like connectivity is happening through

management. Just wondering if you VM is using another interface and something is wrong with that. 




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Hi Alan,


Management interface (NIC1) is connected to our local LAN switch which is having DHCP enabled and this switch is connected to router from the same router we configured one interface for public network and connected the Xen server (NIC0) to get public IP.


When created Win 2012 VM its getting auto/dhcp from management interface on NIC1.

On NIC0 we are configuring Public Ip as xx.xx.xx.130/28.

Please see the attached diagram.


Above is the our Scenario, is anything wrong seems traffic flowing via management then how to configure it.


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