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Limiting the size of an ns trace NS ADC VPX

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In the GUI for the VPX System/Diagnostics/Start New Trace the sixth field down

is File Size. But it does not specify if that is byte, kilobytes, megabytes or what.

Looking at the documentation I likewise don't see this called out. Monday I 

will need to capture a conversation for 20 to 25 minutes as that's how long

it takes to encounter the timeout error and I'll want to capture the SSL keys

at the start of the session. 


Question: I have 6GB of disk space available if I run shell and df -h. 

What is the number i should enter into the File Size field to assure that 

I don't fill up the disk?





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I would say, you found the right eDocs page. ;-)


Check this section: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/system/troubleshooting-citrix-adc/how-to-record-a-packet-trace-on-citrix-adc.html#capturing-cyclic-traces


Can you define a filter expression or do you want to create a complete trace?

The value for the file size depends on how much traffic is passed through the Netscaler. It is best to define a filter expression.

The default file size is 1GB / 1024mb and creates a new file every 5min / 3600s, 24 times.


For your plan, I would suggest the following nstrace parameters:

  • Packet size: 0
  • Number of traces files: 5
  • Duration: 3600
  • File size: 500
  • Filter expression: e.g. HTTP.REQ.CONNECTION.IP.EQ( or CONNECTION.PORT.EQ(80)



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