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USIP mode Question

Pallavi Mishra

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When i enabled USIP for a particular VIP. We were able to connect to it over VPN and we could also see the Client IP. But when we were trying to connect from Public IP. requests were failing.

Although it was working perfectly fine without USIP. Why such weird behavior after enabling usip. how can we correct it.

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The Question is weather the Route back for the package is correct. 

In "normal" - not USIP Mode - the SRC IP of the package coming from netscaler to the Backend Server is (in most cases) the SubnetIP of netscaler. Therefore the backend server will send the response to the SubnetIp of netscaler. Which is fine cause Netscaler will send the response to the client.


But if there is the SourceIP of the Client in the Packet the Backend Server will send it to it's default Gateway (or some kind of matching route). This only works if the default Gateway is the netscaler. Otherwise the response packet will never reach the client or even if it reaches the client the client would drop the packages cause it is not expecting a packet from the backend server.


Netscaler needs to have L3 Mode enabled to send those packets back.


Best Regards,


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