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Setup secure ESET agent/server communication through NetScaler

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Hi NetScaler gurus,


Sorry for the stupid question


We need to configure for the external users ine one customer a secure communication between the ESET agent on their devices and the internal ESET server using NetScaler. 

Generally this was done by the Network team through NAT/firewall configuration on the routers.

However we have a requirement now to configure this using the NetScaler. Unfortunatelly I am not very well versed with it.


Is this request possible? Can you share any directions which method should be used here. We have several free external IPs from the ISP provider. 

From what I am reading in the documentation, maybe this can be achieved with Content Switching?

The clients need to send periodically requests on port 2222 to the ESET server. Will it work if we create a CS VIP and bind it to LB server. If so where should the external IP address be configured 

in this scenario..Will there be additional Network configuration needed on the NetScaler or this is enough..


Thanks in advance for any help here



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Sorry, this was kind of rash.


After some checking, it seems we don't have to use any special feature here.

We plan to create one LB VIP on TCP 2222 with internal IP, than set a NAT rule on the FW router to map an external IP to the LB VIP

and than map the LB VIP to a Service with the internal ESET server.


It seems NetScaler breaks the connection on the VIP and than creates a new one to inside so everything should be secure.

The only thing uncertain is the internal ESET server has a certificate, should we put any sort of certificate configuration on the NetScaler VIPs in this case, but we will test this further..  

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ESMC initial configuration and product deployment and VDI > VDI, cloning and hardware ... •Until the question is resolved, the client machine is unable to replicate to the ESMC Server. ... oCitrix PVS 7.0+ and Citrix XenDesktop with Citrix XenServer 7+ ... needed; all communication is handled via ESET Management Agent Mypascoconnect

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