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How to export AD groups/users associated with Published Applications in XenApp 7.15

Sonny Zuliani


We are migrating all our Published Applications from one XenApp 7.15 farm to another. I have limited access to the source farm. Therefore, I am looking for a way to see what AD groups/users have access to each of the Published Apps. I assume there is an easy way to do this using PowerShell however, I know next to nothing about it and can't seem to find the correct keywords when googling around for it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I am a complete PowerShell idiot so, to say I need info spoon fed to me with a baby spoon could be overly kind. That being said, I discovered Get-BrokerApplication, Get-BrokerApplicationGroup, Get-BrokerDesktop, and Get-BrokerDesktopGroup yesterday. I have barely figured out how to add "| Select" to filter on the values I want to see. Using CMDlets like that to string together a functional script are well beyond me at this point. Needless to say, that is why I am here asking a question that has probably been asked a 1000 before.


@Kasper Johansen, I would have loved to try your migration script had we not already manually recreated everything in the new farm. We are down to applying the permissions to each Application Group and Published Application. Doing so manually will be very tedious. A former collogue of mine was kind enough to provide me with the following to at least export the permissions from each of the Published Apps in the old farm.


foreach ($Application in (Get-BrokerApplication)[0..500]) {
Get-BrokerUser -ApplicationUid $Application.UID | ForEach-Object {
$_ | Add-Member -Name Application -Value $Application.Name -Type NoteProperty


Beyond having that dump the results to a CSV, I don't know how to use it to add the desired permissions to the new farm.

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