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Always On VPN before Windows Logon - Concurrent machine-level tunnels

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I am currently configuring the above. However, I am not able to setup the machine-level tunnel (Prelogon tunnel) on multiple endpoints concurrently.


Since the tunnel is established before windows logon by the AlwaysOn service, a windows device is popping up as "anonymous" user session on Citrix Gateway (Active sessions).
As soon as another device is trying to establish a machine-tunnel, the first tunnel on the former device is actually "killed", since the session is automatically being transfered to the second device (Another logon as anonymous user).


ADC/Gateway version is 13.0 67.39. However, I was able to reproduce the same scenario with version 12.1.


Does anybody have suggestions or experience ? Not sure if the establishement of the machine-level tunnel as anonymous session is even correct in the first place.


Thanks in advance.


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