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What is the correct procedure to move Citrix user profiles from one server to another

J Lo


I'm using XenApp 7.16 LTSR with Profile Management 7.16.

All of my users' profiles are stored in an old Windows Server 2008 R2 by using Citrix policy - "Path to user store" (\\win2008\UserProfiles$\%username%).

My plan is to moved all of the profiles to another server. I think this task is not just simply change the URL in "Path to user store". There must be some essential preparations beforehand.

Is there any guideline or procedure for this?

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Hello Manoj,

About "change the path in everyone profile". I'm curious how to do that?

I notice there is a parameter "PathToUserStore=\\win2008\UserProfiles$\%username%" in the file of "UPMSettings.ini" inside everyone's profile folder. I don't think the URL of this parameter will change itself automatically after I modify "Path to user store" in Citrix policy.

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you can run Powershell foreach hislike this


$filePath = "C:\profile\UPMSettings.ini"
$tempFilePath = "$env:TEMP\$($filePath | Split-Path -Leaf)"
$find = 'old path'
$replace = 'new path'

(Get-Content -Path $filePath) -replace $find, $replace | Add-Content -Path $tempFilePath

Remove-Item -Path $filePath
Move-Item -Path $tempFilePath -Destination $filePath





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Hello Manoj,

So, the sequence will be:

1. Ensure no one logging in XenApp server.

2. Copy all the profile folder under "\\win2008\UserProfiles$" to "\\win2016\UserProfiles$".

3. Modify Citrix policy -  "Path to user store" value to "\\win2016\UserProfiles$\%username".

4. Change the value of "PathToUserStore" in file "UPMSettings.ini" for each user by any means.


May I ask have you ever tried to do this before?

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