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Application starts but does not appear

Michael Firmani


We have two users who open a specific application through our Storefront, where the application appears to open but nothing shows up. The windows is showing in the taskbar, and if you hover over it, you can see the application in the preview. However, the window is no where to be seen anywhere else and cannot be restored or moved when right-clicking it in the task bar or hovered preview pane. It's as if it's in a perpetual state of "minimized". To me this says that Citrix is not displaying it correctly to the endpoint.


When I sign into their laptops, I have no issue. I deleted their Windows profiles and it did not fix the issue.

3M issue.PNG

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The user may be using other machines, with multiple monitors and the windows are actually outside the visible view of the screen, and users have put windows on the other screens, this information is saved back to the citrix profile, and it still has the window coordinates in the profile loading it up on a 1-screen laptop, placing the windows at those coordinates outside the visible view of the laptop.  Try press flag/windows key, and while holding it down press arrow keys several times left or right or up or down to see if the window is moved into view. This will align window to the sides up or down or sideways, but also move windows to other screens if you do it repeatedly. If you hold down WINDOWS + SHIFT then click ARROW key, it will make a window JUMP to the screen in the direction of the arrow, not align to the sides.


Please note, these keyboard shortcuts must be configured to work in a citrix terminal session, otherwise you will just move the citrix session window, since keyinputs are not forwarded into the session.

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