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This version of Citrix Workspace does not support selected encryption. - for one user.

Andrew Snodgrass


We have a client that uses Citrix Workspace on all of their machines (~8) to access patient records, and one machine occasionally has the following error:

"Citrix Workspace App ERROR

This version of Citrix Workspace does not support selected encryption. Please contact your administrator."


I have followed the typical guides (like the ones below and more), but only recreating the local PC profile is able to fix the issue for about a month at a time ("recreating" meaning renaming the user file path and removing the user from ProfileList in Reg, then logging back in with that profile).




More Notes:

- It only happens on one profile. Logging into the same machine with a different user will allow Citrix to work fine.

- Citrix Workspace is running the same version as all other machines.

- This domain account does not have this issue on other machines.

- When initiating a connection, if it is going to work, the loading window starts filling the progress bar immediately.  If it is not going to work, the progress window sits idle until the error message pops up.

- I've attempted reinstalling Citrix Workspace multiple times, using the provided cleanup utility and manually removing AppData and reg entries. This made no difference.


I'm either looking for a permanent fix or a better solution than requiring user file transfer and setting up user applications/licensing each time it breaks. 

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I contacted the provider a month ago, and they sent me a document and a tool for removing registry entries.  I followed their suggestion and it has been working as expected since then. 


From the document: "Ensure that RemoteScan is not installed.  RemoteScan is the primary (if not the only) cause for these Encryption Errors."

Summary of procedure:

  1. Uninstall RemoteScan.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Uninstall Citrix.
  4. Remove all Citrix entries from the Registry.
  5. Reboot.
  6. Reinstall Citrix.
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I tried everything for weeks to fix this issue. Right down to the registry. In the end I had to create a new windows user on the pc, not the remote profile. Then I got a virtual driver error, I uninstalled it and ran the registry cleanup, then reinstalled the version I last used and it worked fine. I did all these steps a dozen times on my computer with my main account, it only worked when I made a new Windows user and did those steps.

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