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Send one specific URL to a different backend server

Darren Poppleton

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I'm not sure this is possible, but here it goes.


We have a LB VS going to a back end webserver. We now have a requirement to send a very specific URL request to a different server. For example:


https://www.foo.com goes to one backend server

https://www.foo.com/redirectme would need to be sent to a different server, while any other requests and URLs go to the first server.


How do I do this? Do I need to change the VS to a Content switching VS? Or can I just add a request policy that would do this?

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yes, you have to switch to an content switch vserver and define policies.


First, you need a policy for your special path like "/redirectme" and second a policy with "/" or only checking the hostname. 


For example:


Policy 1

Prio: 100

Expression: HTTP.REQ.HEADER(“Host”).EQ("www.foo.com") && HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("/redirectme")

Target LB: LBVServer_Server2


Policy 2

Prio: 200

Expression: HTTP.REQ.HEADER(“Host”).EQ("www.foo.com") && HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("/")

Target LB: LBVServer_Server1




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