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Using Citrix connection inside of RDP connection causes system hang.

Mike McGregor




Since upgrading our workstations to Windows 10 we have seen an issue affecting all users that will cause the system to entirely freeze if connecting to a Citrix session using Citrix Workspace inside of a MSTSC RDP session.


The use case is for our primary workstation we will connect to this through Windows' RDP, but some connections to our clients use Citrix, so to get to those clients from our primary workstation we will open a Citrix connection inside of that RDP connection.


After a while of usage, particularly when minimising the Citrix connection, the desktop will become completely frozen and can only be recovered by a system reboot.  This does not happen when interacting with the primary workstation directly, only when connecting to it through RDP.


Has anyone experienced this before?


Kind regards,


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