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Printer redirection is not working at all with workspace app

Harjeet Singh1709162429


Hello Guys

this is my very first install for virtual apps . session host is server 2016.  

I got issues with printer redirection.  tested with two versions of workspace app, in latest,  none of the printers get redirected at all. there is noting in event log.

if we install  Citrix Workspace LTSR 19.12.1001.3, then printer works fine without any policies etc.


as we are coming from RDS where we never had to do much with printers and whatever printer installed on end client normally gets redirected to terminal servers without any issues.


I am looking for bit advise here what are best practices for printers with vitual apps.  




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sorry I can't find HDX-> Printers  in Director, where exactly it is. 

I applied a policy now with two settings

Universal Driver preference = moved PCL5,XPS to top by moving EMF to down.

Universal print driver usage = use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable.


now printing started working for latest workspace users.

but in event log I see loads "MetaFrameEvents" as Client printer auto-creation failed.  The driver could not be installed. Possible reasons for the failure: The driver is not in the list of drivers on the server. The driver cannot be located. The driver has not been mapped. The driver is a V4 driver. Client name: (XX_HOME_DT) Printer: (Canon LBP6650/3470 (UFR II) 


same warning event added for each printer .





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Go to Director and locate the session:




Scroll down and look for this:





You will get those errors as the it's trying to locate the correct native driver for the printer. As it fails to find the native driver it throws the warning but it uses the universal driver as specified in your policy Universal print driver usage = use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable. This is the expected behaviour. Mine is configured the same:





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Glad it's now working. 


I recommend to customers sticking with the Citrix universal driver where possible. If people are simply printing then the universal driver will be fine in most situations. Only exception I make to this is with multifunction printers, think stapling and the like, and plotters used for technical drawings. In these cases I will generally install the native driver to maximise user experience or, if possible, the supported generic driver from the manufactures website that still gives all the needed functionality.

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That's normally one of the installed printer drivers crashing the Citrix Print Manager service when it tries to create the printer. Ideally you need to find which it is and remove it from the server. 


I'd start by looking at what drivers to have installed on the server and deciding if they need to be there. If they don't then remove them.




You can help mitigate the issue by making sure the service is set to restart if it stops. Go to services -> Citrix Print Manager, right click properties. Set recovery to restart the service:




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