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VDA Installation Returncode wrong in Documentation?

Simon Lichtlein




i am currently building an "update" (uninstall - reboot - install) from VDA (VDAWorkstationSetup) version 2003 to version 2009. 

I am running all tests on a Windows 10 1909 VM connected via RDP.


Uninstallation command: "XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /removeall /quiet /noreboot /noresume"

The uninstallation works fine, but gives the returncode 3. The documentation says: "3: success, installation is not complete, restart required."  and after the reboot i should run the command again.

I can't find any other returncodes for the uninstallation and i think they should be the same. 

Also the installation log says: "11:39:48.0975       : XenDesktopSetup:Installation Manager returned PartialSuccessAndRebootNeeded"


So i rebootet the system and ran the uninstall command again..

It failed with returncode 13 saying: "12:00:39.8127 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Error: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2009.0.0: Another version is installed. Use 'Programs and Features' in the control panel to remove the existing version."


Threre is not entry vor VDA 2003 in the control panel!

I ignored this "errror" and continued with the installation of the new 2009.


Install command:



After about five Minutes it finished, also with returncode 3 which should mean PartialSuccessAndRebootNeeded.

But the Installationlog says: "12:29:29.6187       : XenDesktopSetup:Installation Manager returned SuccessRebootNeeded"


I rebooted and tried to connect through our storefront and it worked.

VDA 2009 successfully installed!


So why should i need run the command again?

What are the exact returncodes?

Or do i need to parse the installationlog and find out if the command needs to be executed again or just needs a reboot because the return codes are wrong?




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