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No logoff after closing published application

Maik Ludwig




we are currently trying to publish some applications via Citrix Virtual Apps.
Unfortunately one application has the problem that after closing the application the user session continues to run. There is no logoff.

In the Director the session is still displayed as "Connected".


This is Microsoft Access. We start Access with the command to open a database immediately. This works.

But if Access is closed, the MSACCESS.exe process will continue to run and the session will remain connected.

If the process is manually killed on the VDA, the logoff will continue automatically.


I can't add the MSACCESS.exe to the key "LogoffCheckSysModules", because otherwise Access will close immediately after starting.
If the database on the VDA is opened directly, the problem with the running process does not occur.


Citrix Virtual Apps 1912 LTSR CU1

Windows Server 2016


Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance!


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Were you able to resolve this and recall your solution? I'm running into the same behavior with VDA 2305, with Access on Office 2021 LTSR on Windows Server 2019 after not seeing this issue on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Office 2013.


I am only seeing this issue where the MSACCESS.EXE process remains open after any closure in the Access GUI when launched as a virtual app. The behavior doesn't occur when I RDP/ Direct Access to a pooled server. It also only occurs when I open a access database with forms, which is most of them in our environment. If I simply open Access and close it down without opening a database, MSACCESS.EXE closes cleanly. 



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