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Clipboard redirection special application

Trench EDV



we are using Virtual Apps 1912 LTSR CU1 on Server 2019.

Clients use Workspace App 1912CU1.


The environment was newly build and has some strange behaviour regarding copy and paste from session to local client.

Copy and paste works fine for Office Applications like word and excel.

We use on the same server a special tool called Omnitracker from Omninet.

In the old environment (7.6/Server 2012) we could copy and paste from session to client.

But not on 1912-CU1/Server 2019.

It is possible to copy and paste within two published applications or from office apps, for example:

- start published excel

- start published app Omnitracker

- select&copy from Omnitracker

- paste to published excel => works

- select&copy from published excel

-  paste to local client excel => works too

But not directly.


Initially set no additional clipboard settings in citrix policies, used only default values.

Tried some settings whith custom clipboard formats in citrix policies, but no luck.


InsideClipboard Tool within published desktop shows the following information:


Format ID  Format Name  Handle Type  Size  Index 

13 CF_UNICODETEXT Memory 538 3 

49291 FileGroupDescriptorW Memory 596 2 

49292 FileContents Memory 63 1 

49602 OMNITRACKER_Request_Info Memory 26 4 


Do I miss something ?

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