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Layered image disk is less than the recommended minimum size

Richard Olah1709161669


We have recently upgraded the ELM to and It seems that there is a new feature whereby the console informs you of recommended disk size within the image template. How is the recommended size determined?


We have a set layered disk size of 70 GB but now when I go through the template it says that the recommended size is 82 GB and setting this number makes the message go away. If I leave the the disk size at 70 GB and publish anyway, the server is working with no issue and has a used disk space of 52.6 GB and free space of 17.3 GB?



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Looking for an answer to the same question. I'm developing a Powershell script to automate the publishing process entirely in our on-prem environment and would like to know what kind of impact setting the disk size lower than the recommended amount has on the whole process. I have no way of telling what the disk space should be before publishing the image programmatically and I couldn't find a way to get the information for the recommended disk size that's displayed on the App Layering > Edit Image > Layered Image Disk interface from the API.

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