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Disable Universal Print Server for specific queues or drivers

Christoph Sinabell




We are using Universal Print Server (UPS) for mapping session printers on Windows Server 2019 session from a remote Windows 2016 print server. It works fine for almost all printers but it fails to connect Zebra label printers of various types (Zebra GK420t - EPL, Zebra GX430t - EPL, Zebra GK420t, Zebra 110PAX4). When you try to connect to the print queue (for example via double-clicking it in Windows Explorer) simply nothing at all happens, regardless if fallback to standard windows remote printing is enabled or not. If UPS is disabled via policy then the print queue is connected with the driver installed on the VDA. 



Universal Driver Usage - Use Universal Driver only if requested driver is unavailable.

Universal Print Server - Enable with fallback to standard windows remote printing.

Direct Connections to Print Servers - Enabled.




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It's not possible. What you can do is to use "Use universal driver only if the requested driver isn't available" in combination with Universal Print Server and then install the driver used by the problematic queue on the VDA, that should result in all other connections still using Universal Print Server except that one. If that queue is using a universal driver (for ex. HP Universal Printing, or Canon Generic) switch it to a model specific printer first and then also add that one to the VDA to avoid other queues also being created with native drivers.

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