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Web Audio not working on 1912 LTSR

Bala Krishnan1709162298


Hi, We have setup a new Environment, Citrix Apps & Desktops 1912 LTSR CU1 on Windows 2K19. We have deployed Teams App and the users are able to access and make calls without any issue. But if i use any web based application such as Teams Web, Amazon Chime, Streaming media, Intranet portals with Podcast, we are not able to hear the Audio. Like i said Audio redirection policies are in place because of which MS Teams App is working. We are also able to play sounds from the Control Panel. 


Teams Web says No Audio device was detected. This issue is experienced on all browsers Google Chrome (v86), Firefox (v82) & Microsoft Edge Chromium (v86). Not sure what i am missing here, can anybody give me clarity ? 

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