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Citrix Storefront GPO configuration with Edge v86

Christopher Kiser


Hello All,


I have been tasked with configuring/deploying our MS-Edge GPO for thousands of devices and that will include the citrix storefront. I am running into two issue I cant seem to find answers for. Keep in mind we are talking about the new chromium based Edge v86. I have the most current admx files and such.


1. Upon the first run, when you navigate to Workspace.domain.com you are prompted to install or detect the Citrix Receiver. All devices have the receiver installed so I assume its just a matter of associating the receiver to Edge ie getting Edge to see it. Is there an Edge GPO responsible for this or does the solution reside in the registry?


2. Once you click through, you are prompted,


"This site is trying to open Citrix Receiver Launcher.

https://workspace.domain.com wants to open this application.

Always allow workspace.domain.com to open links of the type in the associated app."


I have two policies I thought that would take care of that. 

      - UC/Policies/Admin Temp/Edge/ Show an "Always open" checkbox in external protocol dialog" - set to Enabled

      - UC/Policies/Admin Temp/Edge/Define a list of protocols that can launch an external application from listed origins without prompting the user - set to enabled. (I found this solution here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX285038) I have the format as stated in the article but maybe I didnt do it correctly?


Any help with making a seamless experience for the user to open workspace and it will open without any prompts is the goal here. If i manually accpet all the prompted everything is working perfectly so this is the last piece of the puzzle. I thank you in advance for any help and am still new to GPOs so keep that in mind. 


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