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Xenserver 7.6 VMs come to a crawl

sean Hulbert1709159935




I have a problem with Xenserver 7.6 after the 50th VM is created which only takes 2 to 5 minutes , that anything afterwards is taking 10 to 20 minutes to spin up.


The hardware:

Dell R720xd dual Xeon CPUs 32 in all

Raid 5 using enterprise 250GB Samsungs SSDs (x6) (they are listed as a replacement for the 15k drives)

Network; x2 1000Mb x2 10Gbase-t



Software installed:

Xenserver 7.6 


Guest VM foot print + snapshot

Windows 2019 Server std 2049Mb memory, 40G drive, dual home network (private) 2 vcpus 1x1

Debian 9 1 vcpu 15G drive, 1 nic, 384Mb ram

CentOS7.5 2 vcpus, 1024Mb ram, 1 nic, 20g drive.


These are set to start up as a one pod.

Take 50 x 3 = 150VMs running

To provision 100 pods took over 36 hours after it reached the 50 mark.

The server has 50G ram left and the Udom is set to max 32Gb


Once the sessions are up and running the remote access is snappy no lag, so why is the server taking so long to provision 400 VMs when the resources are there to handle it?


Thoughts ?

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