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Same machines, but different apps and different users

Zafer Shoukat


I come from a Xenapp 6.5 background, and I am new to this 7.X version, and I am stuck with something.


I have created a group of machines in one Catalog, and I have created a delivery group for these machines with some published apps.  


Now I want to also publish a different app, to a different set of users, on the same machine catalog, but I am not sure I have figured out how to do that. 


It was so much easier on 6.5, where I could just publish the app, and select who could use it.


Anyone able to help




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Greetings, and welcome to 7! It's a fun adventure, for sure!


If I understand you right, you have a delivery group hosting all your applications, but some of those servers have something else installed you want to publish -- maybe to just one of those servers.  The feature that you want to look at is Application Groups.


Start by firing up Studio.  Hop over to the Search node and find your servers that are hosting this Application.  Right click on the server and choose Manage Tags.  You'll want to create a new one that describes this app, or what makes these servers unique.


Now hop over to the Applications node of the console, you'll see Application Folders and Application groups.  If you right click in the white space under Application Groups, you can create a new one with the Create Application Group option.  


On the Delivery Groups tab, you'll want to select the delivery group that contains these machines.  While you're here, look up top at that section you probably missed that allows you to Restrict Launches to machines with Tag.  Enable this and drop down the tags listbox and choose that tag you made a minute ago.  You can grant users access to users and add applications to launch in this app group while you're here, too.  If you haven't published the app yet -- no worries.  You don't have to do it here.


Take a peek at the properties of an app now -- and you'll see that you can publish it to a Delivery Group or an Application Group.  To publish apps to these servers, now you just use the Application Group instead of the Delivery Group and you'll get the effect that you're looking for.  Your app will only launch from the servers you scoped in the Application Group.






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OK, so I tried that, but it didnt quite work as I thought it was going to.  Let me lay it out for you, so that you can understand what I have done, and perhaps where I have gone wrong.


Created gold image machine, used mcs to create 3 machines, then created a delivery group, and into this group added a group of users, and all the applications installed on the server, namely office.


Logged into storefront as one of the users, and they can see all the applications published.


I then went into 'Manage Tags', and created tags for word, excel and outlook.  Created new application groups and added individual users to each group.


Logged in as each user, and no applications visible to any of these users.  However, if I add any of these users to the AD group in the delivery group, then all the apps are available.

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There are multiple levels of authorization. At the Delivery Group, there's a Users tab. If the user is not on that tab, then the user cannot see anything published from that Delivery Group. When you publish an app or desktop, you can use the app's Limit Visibility page to restrict it to a subset of the users on the Delivery Group's Users page.

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