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Citrix Hypervisor 8 / 8.1 / 8.2 Update Hotfix on Pool faster way?

Marc Gemp1709157697


Hi together,


i have been using xenserver for several years. Up to version 8, we always installed all hotfixes on the XenServer first. When all updates are installed on all servers within the pool, we moved the VMs (several at the same time) and reboot (poolmaster first) and when the master was online again, the rest.


Now we basically use XenCenter 8.2.1.x for this. In the past you could go through: Tools> Install Updates> Next> Download Update or new Version from Citrix> Select Update you want> Select Pool You want> Next> Pre-checks Next> And than "I will carry out the post-update task myself

With version 8.0 of Citrix Hypervisor, he still starts to put the pool master in maintenance and move the VMs individually.
But he shouldn't do that, should he?


Another way of updates would be the updates via the XenCenter with the "Automated Updates". But this mode also takes a very long time because it first moves each VM (running) individually to a pool member.

Can it be adjusted in a config that it moves all at the same time or at least 4 at the same time?


best regards.


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