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Citrix Director Logon Duration is empty (1912)

Jakob Maxbauer


This is not a question, I'm rather posting the solution to this problem which a Citrix Supporter just helped me solve.


If you have the problem in the title, go to your citrix-monitoring-database and run these 2 queries to check if the data is NULLED:


select c.id, u.username, u.[sid], s.SessionKey, c.InteractiveEndDate, c.ClientSessionValidateDate, c.ServerSessionValidateDate,s.StartDate, c.Protocol, c.IsReconnect, c.ClientVersion from MonitorData.Connection c
join MonitorData.Session s on s.SessionKey = c.SessionKey
join MonitorData.[user] u on u. id = s.UserId
where c.Protocol = 'HDX'
and c.IsReconnect = 0
order by s.StartDate desc




SELECT TOP (2000) [SessionKey]
  FROM [CitrixMonitoring].[MonitorData].[Session]
  ORDER BY StartDate desc


Columns like 'LogOnDuration', 'InteractiveEndDate' and 'ClientSessionValidateDate' will show NULL if you have this problem.


To solve this issue, go to the .iso file of your Citrix Installation: Citrix_Virtual_Apps_and_Desktops_7_1912_1000 for example

If you already have a cumulative Update installed, then use that one


Virtual Apps and Desktops\CU1\Citrix_Virtual_Apps_and_Desktops_7_1912_1000\x64\Virtual Desktop Components


UpmVDAPlugin_x64.msi -> right click: Repair (in the dialog box you might have to browse to the .msi again)


Repair the UpmVDAPlugin and the problem is solved, Logon Duration shows up again in Citrix Director.

You can run the queries again after you log on to the servers again, and you'll see that the data is now correctly being written to the database.


EDIT: What is described above fixes the problem only until you switch from maintenance to productive.  Then the problem is back. 

It turns out, the problem was that when installing Citrix 1912 Cumulative Update 1, the "Install Supportability Tools" check-mark was not set during the installer.


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