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Content switching, One URL two different servers

Christian Mc Gloin

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Clients are to connecting to  http://sub1.url1.com/something/portal should be forwarded to http://sub2.url2.com/portal, without the client noticing, the client should still only see "http://sub1.url1.com/something/portal ", but the request and respons should now be coming from "http://sub2.url2.com/portal"

They are two different servers or "LBVS"
url1.com has ip

url2.com har ip

I have tried URL transformasion, but cant seem to get that to work, This would only work if they where the same server?
Do i maybe need a rewrite policy on request and respons for this?




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Hi Chris.  I'll take a stab at this.  Is the Content switch used to send certain requests to the URL2 vserver and the rest will keep the same URL1 vserver?


Based in what you said there are two vservers, one with a URL path that won't change and the other is a different URL (url2) that needs the transform.

Assuming you have a condition at the content switch vserver it sounds like URL Transform is still the way to go, but I would bind the policy at the URL2 vserver.


Here is a URL transform we use modified with your example urls.  However I'm not using a CS vserver in front of it so Its less complicated.


Request URL From

Request URL Into

Response URL From

Response URL Into


Based in the information provided. Here is how I see your client connection:


client --> sub1.url1.com/something/portal  --> CS_Vserver (Policy Match) --> url2 vserver (With URL Transform Policy)

                                                                                                           (Policy No Match) --> url1 vserver (No Transform needed)

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