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How Peakbuffersizepercent works

Timm Wiegel


I have 3600 VDI VMs in my delivery group.
For this delivery group i have a powermanagement which says to start 85% of the VMs in a time between 7am to 3pm.
85% of 3600 VDIs are 3060.
I have 3000 concurrent VDI Sessions in this time.
What will the peakbuffersizepercent do if i set it to 10%.

It would be very nice if someone could explain me the peak variables.

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It's defined as "The percentage of machines in the desktop group that should be kept available in an idle state in peak hours"



In your scenario, you have 3060 machines you have asked to power on full time (85% of 3600). This leaves 540 machines to play with


With 3000 concurrent sessions, you already have 60 machines powered on and presumably idle

10% of 3600 = 360. 


360 - 60 already powered on machines means I would expect you see 300 our of your remaining 540 machines powered on and idle, 240 machines left off


man I hope that math is right or i am going to look like a goose on a public forum

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peakbuffersizepercent defines the minimum number of unassigned machines that the Delivery Group keeps powered on. 10% of 3600 = 360. If you have 360 unassigned, powered-on machines, when 10 people login, then Citrix will power on 10 more machines to maintain 360 unassigned, powered-on machines. If you have 3060 unassigned machines running, then it won't power on any more machines until there are less than 360 unassigned, powered-on machines remaining.

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Ok. Thanks for your fast answer.

So, if i know that only 3100 users exists that uses this delivery group, i can reduce this peakbuffersizepercent, right?
Because i didn't need additional powered on machines. There are no users that will use these machines.

I wanna minimize the overhead in our environment. At the moment citrix starts additional machines in my peak time.
And this powering machines on cause high cpu usage during the boot until it gets idle.

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