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Installing Beyond Trust Power Broker & Jump client agent - Citrix App Layer (pooled desktop)


Could it be possible for you to help me with the exact steps to make the Power Broker tool work on the Citrix App Layer?


I am working on a VDI non persistent pool with Power Broker tool installed on the app layer?

When PowerBroker for Windows is installed a registry containing a unique ID is generated to:


When we create the template on the ELM to rollout polled VDI's which has PowerBroker for Windows with the sameInstaller ID meaning Retina CS won't be able to differentiate between clients. 


The solution from the Beyond Trust is:

BeyondTrust has provided an executable tool to regenerate the Installer ID which comes with the client installer. The tool can be found in C:\Windows\BeyondTrust\BeyondInsight\GenerateNewInstallerId.exe. Simply executing the tool with administrative privileges will follow the expected behavior below.


Expected Behavior:
Both methods above will check for the existenceofHKLM\Soware\Microso\Windows\CurrentVersion\BeyondTrust\NewInstallerId. In the case where the key exists theprocess will end. If the key doesn't exist it will generate a new guid write it to:"HKLM\Soware\Microso\Windows\CurrentVersion\BeyondTrust\InstallerId"
Lastly a new key will be new key created to avoid the guid being changed more than once:


Because it's an non persistent VDI's, once the user logged out all the changes are reverted back and the VDI is left with the original installer ID.


I want to know if there is a way to make the Power Broker tool work on Citrix Pooled VDI's. We are also having the same issue with the Beyond Trust Bomgar (Jump Client) agent as well.

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