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"Citrix Provisioning Target Device x64 2009.0.0 does not support Personal vDisk."

Joe W


I'm trying to upgrade my Provisioning Services Target Device (Windows 2016 Server) from 7.15 CU1 to the latest version (2009) and receive the following error: "Citrix Provisioning Target Device x64 2009.0.0 does not support Personal vDisk."


As far as I am aware, I am not using a Personal vDisk. This is a Windows 2016 vdisk that serves up Desktops to a XenApp Delivery Group. I have the vdisk in Private mode and trying to perform an in-place upgrade per official Citrix documentation.

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Was the fix to remove VDA s/w and reinstall?

Same issue here...
Updating a 7.15 CU8 to 2203 environment including PVS.
When updating the target device software: Citrix Provisioning Target Device x64 2203.0.0 does not support Personal vDisk
VDA agent on master target device was  updated to 2203 - there was definitely no personal vdisk option there
However I did confirm location of a folder (timestamped years ago. C:\Program Files\Citrix\personal vDisk

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I am experiencing the same issue.

uninstalling and reinstalling did not help.



1. P2PVS to reverse image

2. Boot from Disk and disconnect from legacy PVS server (7.15)

3. Uninstall all Citrix software

4. Delete remaining Citrix folders and reg keys

5. Reboot

6. Install XenApp 2203 - Restart

7. Install target device software 2203

error: "Citrix Provisioning Target Device x64 2203.0.0 does not support Personal vDisk."


Any ideas?

Citrix Error VDISK.JPG

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Same issue and results as Gian above.

Removing VDA software did not allow PVS client to be installed.
Rolling back to previous VDA version and trying to remove the feature did not work as it was deprecated.
If you have built an environment from original or early 7.15 LTSR and applied CU packs, the personal vDisk (PvD) problem is baked in...  even if you never used PvD.

I also had to trick the system into allowing install of PvD which then allowed a clean uninstall. 

The PvD component is not on the Citrix 2203 image so you need to mount the VDA iso for a version of 7.15 LTSR  
e.g. 7.15.8000 

Navigate to XA and XD 7.15.8000\x64\Virtual Desktop Components
Run personalvDisk_x64.msi 

If you get a policies error, open the registry key:
Ensure DisableUserInstalls is set to 0

After install of PvD module you will be asked to reboot.

After reboot I still did NOT see the PvD module appear in All Programs list.

So I remounted the 7.15.8000 iso as above and again navigated to the personalvDisk_x64.msi
Right clicked the MSI and selected Uninstall.

Uninstall wizard ran OK and prompted another reboot.

After reboot I mounted the Citrix 2203 PVS iso and re-ran PVS Target Device installation.
This time the PVS target Device agent installation was successful.



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