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Understand command 'stat service' Active server Connections

Henrik Frisk

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I'm trying to find out what is being used and what's not being used on a VPX. 
I have ended up with using the CLI-command 'stat service' to look for active connections.
But an output like this confuses me a bit:


> stat service Svc_CustServiceSAP_PreProd

Service Summary
                          IP  port         Type        State 
Svc_...eProd  8860         HTTP           UP

Service Stats:
                                          Rate (/s)                Total 
Requests                                           0                    0       <--------------------------------
Responses                                          0                    0
Request bytes                                      0                    0
Response bytes                                     0                    0
Current client connections                        --                    0
Requests in surge queue                           --                    0
Current server connections                        --                    8       <--------------------------------
Current Server Est connections                    --                    0
Connections in reuse pool                         --                    0
Maximum server connections                        --                    0
Average server TTFB                               --                    0
Current load on the service                       --                    0


How can there be 8 active server connections and all Totals are '0' ?


I assume this service is not in use. But can someone explain the 8 connections? :-)


Here from a Netscaler 12.0 Command Reference on stat service:
"Current server connections (SvrConn)"
" - Number of current connections to the actual servers behind the virtual server."



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Thanks Carl Stalhood.


So I guess I'm right about the service is not being used when a 'stat service' shows this kind of output.


I had a hope that 'Current Server Connections' were the right parameter to look for to be able to decide, if a service is being used or not.

I assume it's better to look for the amount of 'Requests' then.

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